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It easily accomodates your RPG books, maps, dice and the material you need for game nights.


  • Dimensions: 28cm x 40cm x 16cm

  • Material: Guzhi nylon

  • Made of high quality Guzhi nylon which is tough and durable enough to put in heavy items as well.

  • The wrinkle-resistance backpack has enhanced top and bottom layer for better protection.

  • The backpack double-coated and adjustable straps are ergonomical, providing the best comfort for your shoulders.

  • The adjustable shoulder belt allows you to adjust the right length to fit to your shoulder for better comfort.

  • Both sides of the bag are sewn with adjustable side bags for allocating water bottles, umbrellas and other items.

    Art by portuguese illustrator Carlos Martins:

Backpack 2022


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