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About Us

Tablenaut - Hobby Wear is a company formed by a group of enthusiasts and artists of tabletop games, founded by Alexandre Pita and based in Portugal. For years Alexandre has been helping develop these hobbies in our country, mainly through his local Tabletop Gaming group, and now Tablenaut is born to help fellow players around the world. 

Board Games, Role Playing Games and Wargames are hobbies followed by very passionate people, and our mission is to help them spread that love. We create products that contribute to spread these games and grow the community. We are proud of having such healthy activities, strong in socializing and cognitive skills, and we want more people to know what we do!

We try to create beautiful and creative designs for T-shirts and other products related to Board Games and RPG. You can wear them to your weekly game night, to gaming conventions or just about anywhere - spread the hobby!

Feel free to contact us with ideas of new products or designs, and keep playing!

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